You need just to have a div to build the Raty.


Used when we want to start with a saved rating.

Score callback

If you need to start you score depending of a dynamic value, you can to use callback for it. You can pass any value for it, not necessarily a data- value. You can use a field value for example.

Score Name

Changes the name of the hidden score field.


Changes the number of stars.

Number callback

You can receive the number of stars dynamic using callback to set it.

Number Max

Change the maximum of start that can be created.

Read Only

You can prevent users to vote. It can be applied with or without score and all stars will receives the hint corresponding of the selected star. Stop the mouse over the stars to see:

Read Only callback

You can decide if the rating will be readOnly dynamically returning true of false on callback.

No Rated Message

If readOnly is enabled and there is no score, the hint "Not rated yet!" will be shown for all stars. But you can change it. Stop the mouse over the star to see:

Half Show

You can represent a float score as a half star icon.

Half Show Disabled

You can decide if the rating will be readOnly dynamically returning true of false on callback.


We changed the default interval [x.25 .. x.76], now x.26 will round down instead of to be a half star. Remember that the full attribute is used only when halfShow is disabled.


Enables the half star mouseover to be possible vote with half values.

Star Half

Changes the name of the half star.


Callback to handle the score and the click event on click action. You can mension the Raty element (DOM) itself using this.


Changes the hint for each star by it position on array.

Star Off and Star On

Changes the name of the star on and star off.


Add a cancel button on the left side of the stars to cacel the score. Inside the click callback the argument code receives the value null when we click on cancel button.

Cancel Hint

Like the stars, the cancel button have a hint too, and you can change it.

Cancel Place

Changes the cancel button to the right side.

Cancel off and Cancel On

Changes the on and off icon of the cancel button.

Icon Range

It's an array of objects where each one represents a custom icon. The range attribute is until wich position the icon will be displayed.


The size of the icons are controlled by the css property font-size as all icons are text. The plugin tries to calculate the font size automatically, but should that fail, you can provide a size (in pixels) with the size option.


Some place to display the hints or the cancelHint.

Target Type

You have the option hint or score to chosse.

Target Format

You can choose a template to be merged with your hints and displayed on target.


You can handle the action on mouseover.


You can handle the action on mouseout.

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