Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Version 2.0

Multi Styled Demos

Multiple styled demos are available allowing to build web application with any need

Light (Vertical)

Dark (Vertical)

Light (Horizontal)

Dark (Horizontal)


Pre-built Layouts

Multiple pre-built layouts are available with many different options

Dark Sidebar (Vertical)

Small Sidebar (Vertical)

Collapsed Topbar (Vertical)

Boxed Layout (Vertical)

Topbar Light (Horizontal)

Center Menubar (Horizontal)

Boxed Layout (Horizontal)

Frequently Asked Questions


I am already having nodejs v10x and can't change for some reason, what shoud I do?

Try to force the natives dependency in the package-lock.json to a newer version while installing dependencies. On windows you might run into issue while it build u node-sass, in that case we would suggest to use node 9x version.


I am getting following issue while running npm install, what should I do?

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/root/website/node_modules/node-sass/vendor'

If you are getting this issue then there could be problem due to multiple issues. Try following two work around

  • 1. Run npm rebuild node-sass to re-install node-sass
  • 2. Delete node_modules folder and re run npm install

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